Woman Booked for Hiring Hitman Using Bitcoin

An Italian lady has been condemned to six years in prison in Denmark for hiring a hitman for the murder of her ex-boyfriend using Bitcoin, as stated by Reuters.

The amount of 4.1 BTC was paid during March. Then, the cryptocurrency costed around USD 4000. The transfer details of the transaction was presented before the court as proof. The murder was never carried out, however, and the planned target was present during the sentencing and talked with the lady after the instance.

The anonymity of the cryptocurrencies’ is preferred by the criminals. Websites from the Dark web like Silkroad and Alphabay used Bitcoins as the medium of exchange for the exact same reasons. Other rivals of BTC blamed the cryptocurrency for being utilized especially for moneylaundering and other criminal interests.

In the meantime, advocates of cryptocurrencies promptly point out that the enormous majority of tax evasion, terrorist funding and other monetary crimes are initiated with fiat currencies.

The founder of EDCAB; Siân Jones stated that:

“The perception that cryptocurrencies are anonymous is largely myth. The corollary that cryptocurrencies are mainly used to launder money is grossly-overstated and unsubstantiated. The ability to trace past transactions render virtual currencies highly unsuitable for money laundering.”



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