UFC Mining Monero on Viewers Devices

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is accused of secretly mining cryptocurrency using their systems by its fans. Many users who stream UFC Fight Pass reported that a mining script is being run in the background without their knowledge or consent.

It appears that the most favorite digital currency of the Darknet, Monero is mined by the script.

UFC Mining script

In over 150 countries, UFC Fight Pass is available and has around 450,000 subscribers around the world. Subscription costs around $9 per month on devices like Apple TV, iPhone, Android, Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast which includes pay-per-view shows. William Morris Endeavor (WME-IMG) bought the UFC’s parent company Zuffa for $4 billion. It happened to be the most expensive sports network acquisition ever made.

Accusation of a website by adding secret miners to monetize its traffic has not occurred for the first time. The Pirate Bay, a popular torrent index has admitted testing out the feature to increase revenues. But monetary success of the UFC and the very low profitability of CPU mining make this case different. It is believed to be an injection of the script by a hacker, a rogue firm employee or some third party for private funds. An updated antivirus and firewall software is advised to protect your systems from cyber-attack.


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