Steve Wozniak Prefers Bitcoin Over Gold and Fiat

Steve Wozniak (otherwise known as the ‘Woz’) thinks Bitcoin is superior to gold and the U.S. dollar, which he called “phony,” in light of the fact that the administration can simply print more.

On Sunday, October 22, 2017, the fellow benefactor of Apple Computers shared his musings on digital currencies and blockchain advancements at Money20/20 in Las Vegas where he was met by Deirdre Bosa, innovation journalist at CNBC. The discussion was around manmade brainpower, yet the point of Bitcoin developed also.

Wozniak feels a money is more “steady” when it can’t be weakened and, while Bitcoin has a settled future supply (just 21 million bitcoins will ever be mined), the same can’t be said in regards to government-sponsored fiat monetary forms.

There is a sure limited measure of bitcoin that can ever exist, Wozniak said in clarifying that the U.S. government could end up printing more dollars for political reasons. He depicted the U.S. dollar as sort of imposter in that sense, while portraying Bitcoin as more “genuine and real.”

So also, he stated, gold does not really have a settled supply either, on the grounds that people will keep on finding more proficient approaches to uncover it from underneath the earth.

He contrasted owning Bitcoin with owning a house.

“Your house has value. And if it is a house today, 40 years from now, it still is a house in value”

he stated, regardless of the possibility that the cost goes up and the administration draws more expenses out of it.

The Opportunities for Blockchain

Wozniak additionally addressed Bitcoin’s fundamental blockchain innovation, and its significance in enabling individuals to straightforwardly track things, similar to minerals.

Wozniak called attention to that, at present, there are such a significant number of uses flying up utilizing blockchain innovation that are so not the same as what individuals at first envisioned, and it will set aside opportunity to get used to.

He additionally compared the presentation of keen contract stages, as Ethereum, to when PC’s initially turned out and abruptly individuals were expressing countless projects no one had ever thought of some time recently. Smart contract platforms open those same entryways of chance.


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