A New Nation that Runs on Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash – Liberland

Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash are cryptocurrencies on which the finances of the nation will depend on. Does your country discourage cryptocurrency and the idea of you having cryptoassets?

You need not be disappointed, all you need to do is migrate and become a citizen of Liberland, a country that runs on cryptocurrency.

Vit Jedlicka found the ‘nation’ Liberland in the year 2015. Liberland is situated between Croatia and Serbia along the west bank of the Danube and they warmly welcome applications for ‘citizenship’. The eligibility of becoming a citizen here relies on few constraints such as respect for other people and their opinion, respect for private ownership and a clean criminal record.

The nation will be running solely on Bitcoin and Btcoin cash. Also, ‘merit’ token has been planned to issue by the nation in April 2018.

Merits have already been awarded to people who have donated and they have made partner in Liberland’s fate effectively. A blockchain is also in the process of launch by the government.

Liberland is a part of a disputed border between Serbia and Croatia which is a sandbank that stretches around 7 sq km in area. The population of the nation at present is zero.

In an interview, Jedlicka told The Telegraph that the situation on the mainland in Liberland is still difficult as Croatian police illegally persecute all visitors and settlers. He said that they are waiting for exoneration from the Croatian constitutional court but for now, their settlement has essentially moved to the river, where they host visitors almost on a daily basis.

Liberland has earned bitcoins which are approximately USD 87,040 which is 40% of its total income as per 2016 financial data. Since the value of Bitcoin has increased since last year it could go higher in the year 2017.

The financial policy of Liberland is shaped by the “four key robust pillars”:  Voluntary taxation, no government debts, minimal government expenditures, no fiscal policy and free competition of currencies meaning no monopoly of legal tender.


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