MyEtherWallet Denies Hacking Rumours

In a conversation with a renowned news-portal, the makers of cryptocurrency wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW), have rubbished claims about them getting hacked, calling the claims as stupid lies and FUD which no one should pay heed to.

In the message, delivered on January 9th, the creators of the wallet have vehemently denied the accusations floating on the interwebs and social media about their wallet about hackers getting access to their DNS and using it to create a phishing scam in order to collect innocent usersโ€™ data.

The source of the rumors are developers of the Ethereum Blue (BLUE) cryptocurrency, who posted on Twitter a trail of messages warning people about the DNS compromise along with advising them not to use MyEtherWallet.


Referring to the tweets, the team behind the wallet reiterated that their wallet is safe. They called out the developers of BLUE, accusing them of spreading fake news and FUD to harm other people and to boost the value of their own currency. They also accused the developers of being incompetent and confused and thus resorting to spreading this lie on social media.

Most of the tweets have since been deleted, but screenshots of the tweets taken before their deletion were posted on a reddit thread, which has since been marked as fake by the moderators.

One of the replies in the same reddit post is apparently from a MEW employee, who states that their team was not aware of any breaches or compromises in their systems. The poster reiterated that wallet users could access their wallet at any time even while being offline.

Official tweets by the MEW team after the storm circulated by BLUE did not reference any particular person or group for the rumors and instead opted for a general denial about the rumors spread.

MEWโ€™s site started featuring tips for protection against phishing and other illegal activities since the middle of 2017. It also displayed a pop-up tutorial for users in order to help them identify and avoid phishing attacks.


The MEW team suffered a real crisis in the month of December 2017, when a fake MEW app popped up in the Apple App store. Prior to its removal, the app had risen to the third position in the finance category of the store due to its popularity.


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