Monero Miner Used to Hack Russian Pipeline Giant Transneft

The infamous Monero miner now attacks Transneft. The organization reported about the attack on December 15. As indicated by Reuters, this miner was automatically installed by one of the company’s PCs which later got uninstalled. However, all the systems were fixed to avoid similar assaults in the future by disabling downloads in Transneft’s PCs.

The VP of the company, Vladimir Rushailo told:

“Incidents where the company’s hardware was used to manufacture cryptocurrency have been found. It could have a negative impact on the productivity of our processing capacity”.

The current data about the assault allows making suspicions that hackers used corporate equipment to mine Monero. Miner might have affected and decreased the efficiency of the processor’s capacity.

If the hackers are caught, they may need to spend up to six years in Russian jail for hacking corporate servers. But still, it is quite normal that this time may be stretched out up to 10 years.

Two months back, Israeli online security mammoth Check Point reported that they discovered a large number of cases of video-streaming and file-sharing websites, hosted mining software similar to Coinhive, which was extensively used to mine Monero.

Various security experts shared their opinion in this case. Maya Horowitz, manager at Check Point said,

“I don’t think any one of these is very safe or good for users”.

Pavel Lutsik, Head of IT at Croc IT stated,

“More and more people have learnt that, in fact, they do not even need to stand up from the sofa to make money – if they are not caught”.


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