KFC Canada Accepting Bitcoin for Their Original Chicken Recipe

In a news which would make Canadians who deal in Bitcoins as well as are KFC aficionados, Kentucky Fried Chicken subsidiary KFC Canada has decided to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for its delicacies.

The announcement regarding the acceptance of Bitcoin payments for a bite of Colonel Sanders’ original recipe came through the company’s twitter handle. The recipe has also been named Bitcoin Bucket to commemorate the occasion. It costs a total of 20 Canadian Dollars (16 US dollars) and comprises of a wholesome meal of 10 chicken tenders along with waffle fries, a medium side along with gravy and two dips.

The company realises the volatility of Bitcoin, and had even set up a Facebook live feed which showed the number of Bitcoins to be paid for the meal in real time according to the value of Bitcoin at that period of time. The livestream, aimed at spreading awareness about cryptocurrencies, lasted for more than four hours.

Some people called for KFC Canada to accept other cryptocurrencies too in addition to Bitcoin. One user commented that the chain should accept Ripple as a payment method, while the other called for the acceptance of the Verge currency. Even the creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, hopped on to the bandwagon and called for the inclusion of Litecoin as a payment method explaining why its the better choice. Overall, the Canadian people appreciated the company’s move and took on Twitter to praise it. The bucket was sold out within hours due to unprecedented demand.

KFC Canada has said that the Bitcoin Bucket will have a limited run, owing to the long transfer times of Bitcoin. The company is accepting orders for the item only through its online site. Customers placing an order would get the Bucket home delivered to them at no extra cost.

This move by KFC Canada is further proof that slowly but steadily, Bitcoin is going mainstream.


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