How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card?

As Bitcoin’s price is sky-rocketing, everyone wants to get a piece of that pie. Earlier we did a detailed guide on how to buy Bitcoin in India. That post included almost every details on buying Bitcoin with debit card and netbanking. There was not much detailing on how to buy Bitcoin with credit card. There are a lot of guides on the internet, which will help you for that purpose. But most of them are not from the Indian context. Every other guide would help you to buy Bitcoin with credit card on Coinmama or Coinbase or BitPanda.

This guide will help the Indian customers to buy Bitcoin with credit card.

  1. Download and install Citrus Wallet. Android | iOS
  2. Signup and create an account.
  3. Creating the account will let you access your Citrus Wallet.
  4. Now create an account with Unocoin. Android | iOS
  5. You can either create the account on the website or using the mobile apps.
  6. After signing up, you need to verify the account with KYC.
  7. Once the KYC procedure is complete, you’re all set.
  8. Now head over to Citrus Wallet and load some money.
  9. Then confirm that the amount is in the wallet.
  10. Next go to Unocoin and buy bitcoin using the PayUmoney [Citrus] Wallet balance.

By following the above steps, you can instantly buy the hottest cryptocurrency [BTC]. By instantly, we mean after the KYC procedure is complete. Once the KYC is completed, no verification is needed for each purchase.

This guide by Unocoin details, how to buy Bitcoin with the wallet balance.

So when someone ask you the question, “where to buy BTC with credit card?”, PayU [Citrus] Wallet + Unocoin combo, is the answer.



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