How to Buy Bitcoin in India?

For the last few years there was nothing like Bitcoin [btc] which occupied the tech world. Mostly you must have noticed this cryptocurrency, because of its soaring prices.

There’s always a question: what is the best time to buy Bitcoin, for which the only answer is, now! Even if it has a high volatility it’s considered as a good investment. As the value of Bitcoin is sky-rocketing day by day, you can consider getting yourself some. Even if most of us don’t know the functioning of the cryptocurrency, it’s not a tough task to buy some. It’s as easy as ordering a mobile from Flipkart.

So how do you proceed if you plan to buy Bitcoin? The most common and easiest way is to buy from an online exchange. We have a lot of Bitcoin exchanges in India. But most of them are new comers and we’re unaware of the security aspects. So it’s better advised to stick to well-known ones which we assume that, are the safest to deal with.

This guide will answer this question of how to buy Bitcoin in India.


Zebpay is a regulated Indian exchange, and it claims to offer multiple security features to keep your coins safe. You can buy and sell Bitcoin, remit the money to your bank account, and track historical data on Bitcoin pricing. It’s very easy to use, and fast, with low fees. Zebpay has Android and iPhone apps, and lets you link your bank account for fast transfers. You need to carry out a KYC procedure to use Zebpay.

Get Zebpay: Website | Android | iOS


Since November 2016, as a hedge against measures like demonetization, interest in Bitcoin in India has been growing. Unocoin is an Indian-owned operation highly recommended online. Unocoin has a low 1% fee, and requires ID verification. Unocoin apps are available for iOS and android. The company makes it easy to buy or sell Bitcoin online, and also functions as a wallet. It’s easy to setup, and you can buy and sell Bitcoin using NEFT. With the help of Unocoin you you can use your Bitcoin in multiple websites, BookMyShow is one such example.

Unocoin has a playlist of tutorials on YouTube, which will walk you through the process. These videos will guide you to buy and sell bitcoin.

Get Unocoin: Website | Android | iOS


On BuyUcoin you can buy Bitcoin using your netbanking, credit card and debit card. The price of Bitcoin can be seen at the top of the page to purchase anything online. First you need to get a purchase ID to buy Bitcoin. Requirements for the purchase ID are name, email ID, phone number, PAN card number and a photo of your PAN card. You also need to upload a photo of another valid ID ie; driving license or Aadhaar card. After this you can start purchasing Bitcoin, which can be stored in online wallets or offline wallet. BuyUCoin has an Indian phone number provided for support. This exchange has being recommended by users on Reddit.

Get BuyUcoin: Website


Coinsecure is another online exchange which could be used to buy and sell bitcoin. For the purpose of verification, the exchange will need KYC procedure. Coinsecure charges low transaction fee.

The website is elegant and simple with guides explaining how to buy Bitcoin. You won’t get confused, as he navigation is very user-friendly. And just like Unocoin, Coinsecure also has a set of explainer videos.

Get Coinsecure: Website | Android


Flitpay is another Bitcoin exchange just like the ones mentioned above. But the major attraction of Flitpay is the cashback. It has a pretty good referral system where both the parties will get 10% wallet cashback on the initial deposited amount. KYC is mandatory for Flitpay also.

Flitpay is a Bitcoin exchange where one can buy and sell Bitcoin. It provides customers the best price and services in market along with cashback allowances. All payments are transparent resulting in zero fraudulence and all user accounts are authentic and legal. Flitpay links user accounts with PAN card and issues invoices in their respective PAN card names.

Get Flitpay: Website | Android


One of the best places to buy and sell bitcoin is LocalBitcoins. If you are concerned about privacy and want to do anonymous transaction, LocaBitcoins is the option. In other words, there’s no verification needed to buy bitcoin on LocalBitcoins. Even you can buy Bitcoin with cash and in-person, on this platform. The transactions are quick and easy. Which means, LocalBitcoins is the answer to these common questions, “Where can I buy Bitcoin instantly with no verification?” or “Where can I buy Bitcoin for cash?”

Even if the procedure is quick, beware of scammers. Because there were multiple instances where Reddit users have shared their experiences of getting scammed. Even if this is not the safest and cheapest method to buy bitcoin in India, if you are vigilant LocalBitcoins is a pretty good option.

Get LocalBitcoins: Website

After buying your first Bitcoin, we highly recommend you to transfer it into a wallet. Exchanges are only for trading and not for storing your cryptocurrency. Because they have chances of getting hacked. After transferring, store your private key safely.




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