Hackers Now Use Android Apps to Mine Altcoins

After browsers, now hackers are using Android apps to mine cryptocurrencies. Emergence of advanced technology has created more opportunities and has also help develop malicious activities. Hackers are in search for Android apps that allow cryptocurrency mining. Suspicious activity of secretly mining coins through Android apps available in Google Play Store has been discovered recently.

A company that specializes in security, Trend Micro, has posted in their blog recently that they have found a malicious mining code that can exploit computing power without the consent or knowledge of user from android devices. Javascript loading along with native code injection is used in the hacking code and this makes it undetectable by Google Play. The code runs in the background and causes heavy CPU load during operation by pushing the system through compromised apps.


Android apps code

As per researches, similar malicious code developed by Coin Hive is being used by the apps. When these websites are visited, the code gets downloaded on their device causing exploitation of computing resources and mining is performed without user’s knowledge.

The security researchers have claimed in the blogpost that,

“These threats highlight how even mobile devices can be used for cryptocurrency mining activities, even if, in practice, the effort results in an insignificant amount of profit. Users should take note of any performance degradation on their devices after installing an app”.

25 legitimate versions of different apps have been reported up to date that contains malicious code and mining libraries. These apps are removed from the Play Store after the intervention of TrendLabs. This has raised concern on Google’s security checking features for the apps shown in Play Store.

As popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing, the possibility to develop codes by cybercriminals vulnerable to users through apps and computers servers for their personal benefits is high.

The apps on Google Play Store which were found to be connected with this malicious threat are:

Android apps malware



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