Get the Domain For About $10 million

Uniregistry Market, an online marketplace has announced for sale for about $10 million. According to Domain Name Journal, was sold for $2 million in October. Sites whose names refer cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ether could have been registered for as low as $10 or so.

Ron Jackson, editor and publisher of Domain Name Journal stated that, “The unfettered euphoria I see around Bitcoin/cryptocurrency/blockchain reminds me a lot of the atmosphere I saw in the period preceding the dotcom bust around 2001. However, dotcoms came back and had bigger years than ever in the mid-2000s, so even a bursting bubble isn’t necessarily a final death knell for a given asset.”

Niko Younts, a domain-name investor said that he has put up domain names for a sale for $2 million. He claims it to be the biggest portfolio of crypto-related domain ever known including 2000 names like

Domain names are used by buyers in marketing and generating lead for other sites. Coinbase Inc. pays a commission to Younts for sending new users to its cryptocurrency wallet and exchange. Coinbase Inc.sold the domain name for $250,000 in 2014. According to GoDaddy Inc, Domain names containing Bitcoin are registered four times more than other registrations whereas domain names containing Ethereum are registered five times more.

Jackson said that number of sales based on cryptocurrency-related domain-name for $1,000 and above has crossed several hundred this year which had increased only a few dozen last year. In April, was sold for $125,000 and In August, was sold for $50,536. In July, was sold for $48,888 and in March, was sold for $28,000 as Jackson reports.

Domain Name Journal reported that a $2 million sale of was closed by broker Sharjil Saleem in October to an unknown buyer. This sale was reported to be second highest domain-name sales this year. According to sales tracker, sold for $19,800 in 2008. Ammar Kubba, a Domain-name investor said for which he had paid $800 a few months ago might be worth triple the amount now. He stated,

“Right now crypto is probably the biggest trend in domain. Crypto and marijuana. Those two segments of domain names have been growing in value much much faster than other names.”

Would you be interested in purchasing for a paltry $10 million?


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