A Fake Ethereum Wallet Tops the Finance Charts of Apple’s App Store

If you have an Apple gadget and are keen on Ethereum, then there’s a genuine risk prowling in Apple’s App Store. There is a fake Ethereum wallet application that supposedly is the notable service MyEtherWallet, however the organization is cautioning that it is not. The phony app went unnoticed for enough time to end up the third most-downloaded application in the Finance segment of the iOS App Store.

Fake Ethereum Wallet

Be Wary About this Fake Ethereum Wallet

Something which needs to be worried about is that this fake Ethereum wallet app climbed up the rankings to become the third most-downloaded application in the App Store’s Finance section by the end of the week. Coinbase’s application was the most-downloaded application in the Apple’s Store during the end of the week, this might have attracted the scammers to give a try mimicking this pattern.

The listings of this fake Ethereum wallet application states that it allow users to import a crypto wallet and store digital currencies safely out of an exchange, so there is no cat drama involved. The team behind the original MyEtherWallet tweeted that they have had communication with Apple support to report this phony application.

The team behind the phony Ethereum wallet is shown as Nam Le, and it is a perfect sample of how simple it is for those with impious intentions to isolate individuals from their money. Obviously, we do not know more about the team or their purpose in making the application.

Application submitted for approval (to list) with Apple must be rigorously vetted before they gets posted.

The phony application in question has since been taken down from the App Store.


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