Chinese Might be Able to Trade Bitcoin Again Soon

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that concluded on October 24 is expected to remove some of the temporary regulations and policies that might include the shutdown of Bitcoin trading in China.

A new cryptocurrency trading platform, declared On October 28, the availability of all trading functionality from November 1.


New account signup and deposits can be done by users now. The platform assures trade and exchange across China and all over the world. The website supports Chinese and English languages. The platform may be closed by the government as the retrieval of regulation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies happened soon. Some people believe that the Chinese government is behind the platform.

Offline trades gain popularity after regulation

The status of trade after November 1 is still unknown. After the shutdown of Bitcoin trading platforms in China, people started trading through Taobao, a Chinese version of eBay developed by Alibaba Group, Wechat chatting group, and QQ chatting group. Offline trades became popular after regulation between Chinese Bitcoin traders.


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