How To Buy a Cryptokitty: The Ultimate Guide

Cryptokitty. Yes, you read it right. As apparent from the name itself, it has something to do with the cryptocurrency world and cats. Yesterday we covered an article on Cryptokitties and how this game is going viral. Ever since that article, we got a lot of requests asking us to do a “how to” guide on buying a cryptokitty. And here it is.

Step One

The first step is to install Metamask.

“MetaMask is an extension for accessing Ethereum enabled distributed applications, or “Dapps” in your normal Chrome browser!”

This explainer video will help you to install Metamask.

LPT: Create a password which is very complex. And also do not forget to write it down.

Step Two

Second step is to get Ether. If you already has Ether, you can ignore this step.

If you are India, you buy from ethexIndia or Coindelta or Koinex. If you are from US, the easiest way would be Coinbase. And if you have Bitcoin with you, you can switch it to Ether using Shapeshift or Changelly.

Step Three

A transaction using Bitcoin or Ethereum is entire different from that of a net banking transaction. In a transaction involving cryptocurrencies, there would be two sets of keys. One public and the other private.

This is how a public key will look like: 0xC2D7CB95545D33696175B75789035C7c9061c3F9

And this is a private key: 3a1862bf45af87712cb64ccb3b10217737f7fdacbf2872e88fdd9a428d8fe283

So, when you’re in MetaMask you will copy your public key and then paste that into your ethexIndia or Coindelta or Coinbase wallet. Then you will send Ether from your wallet to MetaMask.

This video shows the process:

LPT: Do not share your private key with anyone. Don’t even email it to yourself. The safest method to store a private key is to write it down in paper or back it up in a USB drive.

Step Four

The next step is signing up yourself in Cryptokitties. Then sign in and buy your favorite cryptokitty. So here is the whole process:

As your MetaMask is now loaded with Ether, it is time to buy the first cryptokitty.

When you click the button, “sign in”, you’ll see that instead of signing straight into the website, it will ask you to sign into MetaMask. Thats how this works!

Click on the top right corner. There you can see a the image of a Fox:


Confirm that you are on the Main Ethereum network.

Now let’s navigate to the marketplace and shop.

Scroll through all the cryptokitties and select the one you like. And then push the button which says, Ok Buy This Kitty.

Next is the payment part. You may find it a bit confusing with terms like Gwei, gas fee, etc. These are basically the fee that you pay to the Ethereum network for a transaction. The network implies this fee to reduce spam.

Cryptokitties has gone so viral that people are placing tonnes of orders. And as a result the network is pretty much clogged right now.


Step Five


Click to the icon at the top right corner which looks like a squiggled line. This page will shows the status of your order and details of the transaction.

Now keep on waiting till the order is completed. And then you will be the proud owner of a cryptokitty.

Now, here’s the fun part. You can create your own cryptokitty using some DNA structuring in this website.




You can use this website to track the price of these kitties.


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