Latest Episode of The Big Bang Theory to be Centered Around Bitcoin

The Big Bang Theory, a standout amongst the most well known prime time American sitcoms, is good to go to release a new chapter highlighting Bitcoin on November 30, 2017. In the 11 seasons that the show has publicized on TV for, its intended interest group has moved from a specialty choice of geeks and nerds to the common public.

Minimal details are accessible on The Big Bang Theory’s most recent episode preceding its release. From trailers and plot outline, we realize that “The Bitcoin Entanglement” will feature the cast of the show unearthing an old laptop with a reasonable lump of Bitcoin put away on its hard drive. Following that, contention emerges as the characters contend over who gets the opportunity to be part of the split.

It is improbable that the viewers will get a specialized clarification of the internal workings of Bitcoin and its fundamental technology, blockchain. Rather, the show will most likely touch upon the general thought that digital currency currently offer, and additionally acquaint people in general with utilizing them as an investment instrument. Considering the potential reach of the show, this episode could do a lot of myth busting revolving around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Leaving an everlasting, positive picture of Bitcoin will presumably be an icing on the cake.

The sitcom joins a few other famous TV series’ that have presented Bitcoin somehow or another. Ratings for The Big Bang Theory this season are at a record-breaking high of 2.6 for the 18-49 age category, which relates to around 13 million normal watchers for each episode. With Bitcoin being a focal plot point for this chapter, The Big Bang Theory looks arranged to stir the interest of numerous new potential financial specialists also.

Mr. Robot and E-coin

Big Bang Theory

Other than The Big Bang Theory in 2017, USA Network’s Mr. Robot additionally put a somewhat substantial accentuation on cryptocurrencies, including to some degree, Bitcoin. Given that Mr Robot’s focal plot rotates around a tragic course of events where the American economy is in a condition of turmoil, the possibility of an other, digital currency incorporates into the show rather effectively. The show’s anecdotal “E-coin” sounds practically like genuine cryptocurrencies, and has been acknowledged nearby Bitcoin a few times this season.

Mr. Robot is know for perfectly detailing the technical aspects. Other than this series, there were many, which covered the digital forms of money. But there were not much technically inclined. The list includes well known series’ such as The Good Wife and The Simpsons.

Bitcoin Price and the Show

In the trailer, we can see that the characters discussing about the price of Bitcoin. The value was shown approximately as $5000. But, as of this November, the price of Bitcoin is more than double of what’s discussed in the show. The value difference is on account of the show makers choice to not project a future value for the cryptocurrency. Rather, they went with the price of Bitcoin which was prevailing during the time the episode was shot.


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