Amazon Web Services Will Not Adopt Blockchain-based Services

Earlier there were rumors that Amazon may adopt blockchain-based services. But Amazon Web Services (AWS) clarified that they won’t be offering these, anytime soon.

The Chief Exeutive Officer, Andy Jassy made the declaration at the AWS yearly re:Invent gathering held in Las Vegas in late November. He stated his perspective on blockchain technology, asserting there are restricted use cases of blockchain “beyond the distributed ledger.” In addition to that, he reiterated that the organization’s policy not to “build technology because we think it is cool.”

According to him, there are a various different answers for the issues that blockchain is supposed to resolve. He stressed that most of the distributed ledgers that are accessible so far have extremely constrained capacities.

However, Jassy has not completely shut the door on the likelihood of chipping away at a blockchain-based product or service later on. He claimed that Amazon Web Services is very much interested in ways that blockchain could benefit their customers:

“We are very intrigued by what customers are ultimately going to do there.”

The rivals of AWS, such as Microsoft and IBM has already aggressively started implementing products and services centered around blockchain technology and distributed ledgers.

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of the online retailing giant The organization provides on-demand cloud computing services.


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