Agro Tech Farm ICO: Automated Home Growers Backed By Blockchain

We all have fantasized about growing our own favorite vegetables and fruits. Completely organic and without using more at the shopping aisle.

It’s definitely worth a try.

But have your ever tried that? Truly, the vast majority of us have negligible agricultural experience. Lamentably, playing Farmville do not count.

The Complications of Real Life Farming

Diverse plants require supplements and light time, which the majority of us do not have time to oversee. Even if you have all the time in the world, you would have to spend a lot on complicated machinery to oversee humidity and temperature levels.

Luckily, the Engineers at Agro Tech Farm (ATF) have solved every one of these issues so you can at last do it. ATF’s Home Grower automates the process in all the stages. All you have to do is to install the device at home, click start the application in your phone and you are good to go.

With zero effort, you can enjoy the plants you adore and grow them at your own home.

Who are Agro Tech Farm?

The ATF is comprised of Engineers and Agronomists. They all have considerable experience with what is known as vertical hydroponic installations: an advanced farming technology that do not use soil and delivers nutrients by water solutions.

ATF aims to bring back the old convention of having a small garden and growing our own plants. But with a major twist.

ATF know that most city-folk have zero experience growing plants. This is the reason the team automated the procedure. Their appliance screens everything and is always ware of the need of the crops. You should simply tell the gadget what you are growing and that’s it.

The Home Grower

ATF has reated two models of their Home Grower until this point: the shorter and the taller version.

In spite of the differences, the two devices have the very similar functionality.

Both growers screen each procedure and will inform the owner of the most significant events in the plants life. It will also update you when is the ideal time to reap.
As a result of the hydroponic technology, the growth period and yield is considerably improved!

Agro Tech Farm

The small version of the home-grower is horizontally divided into three decks.

This one is appropriate for berries and other little crops. This smart layering enables you to grow three unique crops at the same time, each with its own needs.

Agro Tech Farm

Out of these two, consider the tall grower as the star.

Previous layers, this bigger variant can hold one yield of two plants, however each up to 1.4 m tall. Forget about small plants and grow your own cucumbers or cannabis.


No doubt, you read it right. We all love berries, however since the legalization of cannabis in parts of the United Stares of America and in Canada, the industry is skyrocketing. Just amid 2017 cannabis legally sold around around 10 billion dollars.

In case you are a happy resident of one of these countries, you can utilize ATF’s home-growers to grow your own cannabis.

In reality, the home grower is particularly helpful for cannabis plants, since they are a bit capricious. Cannabis has a well defined set of necessities of supplements, light and humidity. Furthermore, they must be supplied and adapted to a complicated growing schedule.

Any individual who has ever attempted it will disclose to you that growing cannabis is no simple job.

But with the ATF product, users with actually no experience can grow and make the most of their own cannabis plant at home. You get the chance to choose your preferred strain and appreciate top notch cannabis without spending a fortune.

Why Home Growing?

Notorious organizations like Monsanto have pushed agriculturists to the brink of collapse and have overwhelmed the market with their genetically modified seeds. Also the gigantic regular territories that are being destroyed to prepare for cultivating.
Above all, these growers can save your health. After ingestion, pesticides cant be processed by our body and a large portion of them end up in our livers. As the years pass these deposits remain in our system and accumulate which can prompt genuine medical problems if left unchecked.

ATF growers needn’t bother with any pesticides or similar chemicals.

Why? Since there is no soil.The hydroponic system provide the water and supplements for the plants.

Why an ICO?

Agro Tech Farm is already a fully functioning organization.

Their homegrowers are products not under development. They are up and running. Soon you can see some happy farm fresh strawberries.

So what is the purpose of this ICO?

The organization currently functions in Russia. However, they want to go global. USA and Canada are the countries which they are planning to expand to. Both are gigantic markets and cannabis regulation towards is lenient, and demand is one the ascent.

Just keep in mind, that in the USA there is a inconsistency amongst state and federal law, so not all states are cannabis-friendly.

Do join the ICO and promote homegrowing.

Pre ICO Starts on 16 February and ends on 23 February.
ICO Starts on 24 February and ends on 24 March.

More details about Agro Tech Farm is in their Whitepaper.

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